Razor Wire Heart #9 – Unmoored (2020)

8” x 8.25” x 2.25” [plexiglass, resin, epoxy, wire, limited edition print]

Many years ago, I man I knew quite well told me “your heart is a razor wire pillow,” and I carry that with me: I see those words inscribed on every jagged edged fence, every spiral of bladed, barbed warnings. But the thing is, beauty comes with sharp edges, sometimes. And besides – I’ve always had a deep love for the places to which I am told I should not go.

The “unmoored” series is as much about the movement of light and shadow through these pieces as it is about the original photographs themselves. Images here reflect the many angles through which light hits the hardened resin and the variety of shadows cast – an intentional reminder that our perspective is everything.

Published by amandaerogers

AKA Ms. Entropy, Your Lady of Chaos (Theory). Angry academic seeking tenure track gig. Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Colgate University. I'm sarcastic, curse & I probably need a nap.

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