Intrusions – The Funhouse

12″ x 9″ x 1″

resin, epoxy, acrylic, limited edition photo print, salvaged woodscrap

In many ways, this piece is a biographical sketch that tells the story of my reentry into the world of creation. I “retired” from the art world a decade ago, to pursue academia full-time—that is, until I visited my sister in Louisiana. That unexpected but much needed trip became a beautiful story that unexpectedly changed my life by reviving who I used to be at a time I needed it more than I ever could have known. On one of our long walks through her neighborhood, talking about everything and nothing, she suddenly deviated from the path and dragged me over to examine an enormous house in the process of construction. The mansion-in-progress was, frankly, hideous—reminding us both of a carnival funhouse.

Ever the mischievous one, she dared me to sneak inside with her; with that unanticipated intrusion into a bizarre house of mirrors in the process of its creation, my own long-lost impulse for creation reignited. I took photographs of the ceiling (depicted in the spiraling wood geometries that form the focal points of the piece) on my phone, and we later returned for further intrusions into the carnival funhouse.

Inspired by my sister’s light-hearted dare, and the audacity to embrace parts of ourselves that have too long been hidden, this piece captures the joy and awe I rediscovered through the desire to look at the world anew—whether through a funhouse mirror, or a wide, open sky amidst hurricane season.

Available here.

Published by amandaerogers

AKA Ms. Entropy, Your Lady of Chaos (Theory). Angry academic seeking tenure track gig. Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Colgate University. I'm sarcastic, curse & I probably need a nap.

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