Reflections on Reflections

6″ x 6″ x 1″

hammered copper sheets, epoxy, resin, plexiglass, photo print, paper, digital painting

Like most of us, I don’t often look up enough – life has a way of focusing one’s eyes on the mundane, the everyday, and the objects directly ahead, instead of directing our attention skyward and reminding us of the vast possibilities offered with every new day.

This mixed-media sculptural piece depicts shimmers of a spectacularly full sky at sunset, glinting off the roof of a car. Mirrored with the image’s direct opposite, cloud formations take on new and different meanings, and help to focus the eye on patterns which previously went undetected.

Much like the impossibility of recording a sunset in perfect detail, the materials selected for this piece capture glints of fleeting light while remaining constantly shifting, a reflection of reflection with no end in sight. Through reflecting on the vastness of light, air, and sky, we learn to see that all is elusive. Everything, after all, must be experienced in transitory glimmers of hope as nothing remains what it seems for long.

Reflections on reflections teaches us that the natural world simply cannot be contained. Instead, life must be experienced as it defies all attempts at capture.

Published by amandaerogers

AKA Ms. Entropy, Your Lady of Chaos (Theory). Angry academic seeking tenure track gig. Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Colgate University. I'm sarcastic, curse & I probably need a nap.

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