Depth Perception #6

12″ x 12″ x 1″

resin, epoxy, plexiglass, digital painting, photographic print, beam clamps, metal

The “Depth Perception” series is anchored in the beauty of optical illusions and contemplative, geometric possibilities offered by a shift in our perspective. I play with light, texture, and contrasting images in layers that remind the viewer to look at the world differently, and find inspiration and order amidst chaos and ugliness.

I am attracted to the world’s hidden symmetries, and the ways in which angles, light, and open spaces merge together to form meditative imagery that too often goes unnoticed. The image itself depicts purple irises growing on the side of the road, and remixes a composition of mirrored photographs, spliced together to give the impression of a hypnotic spiral connecting everything, everywhere—and signaling that one arresting moment in time, or image, has the possibility of infinite expansion.

Published by amandaerogers

AKA Ms. Entropy, Your Lady of Chaos (Theory). Angry academic seeking tenure track gig. Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Colgate University. I'm sarcastic, curse & I probably need a nap.

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