A Long Division

“A Long Division” is a multi-media sculptural series of digital collage and limited edition photographic prints that took 15 years to fully emerge – depicting the process of a place inscribing tattooing itself on your heart and body, as well as the unsettling and excruciating pain of separating from that location, while carrying memories permanently entrenched under the skin. From 2005 to 2006, I lived in Fez, Morocco, a period of time that altered the trajectory of my life and the person I would eventually become. The series’ images merge self-portraiture with significant locations throughout the country that remain charged with indescribably memories equally decorative and scarring.

In many ways, the entire series is a self-portrait unfolding over the course of a year in my life as I entered my mid-twenties – not only of myself, but of my (adopted) hometown. Relationships with locations – nations, cities, homes – often feel inscribed on the body to me. Some stories can never fully be retold in words, nor should they – but are better left preserved in fleeting sensations and bittersweet nostalgia. “A Long Division” represents precisely such stories, ever-present, distant, and lasting marks of history that defy language.

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