Academic with a sense of humor (Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies). Angrily seeking tenure track gig. I’m sarcastic, curse & probably need a nap. Grammatical fascist. All caveats apply (& then some). Likely joking, but possibly not. For my main website, head here.

Welcome to the softer side – and the soul you didn’t think I had.

I’m always searching for serenity – whether that elusive moment of peace comes through the dew collected on a spider’s web: a miniature magnifier of all the possibilities on the horizon of one more chance, or the transitory glimmer of sunlight across a lake in the morning start to a soul-crushing day.

Before the hurricane breaks, while the darkening sky threatens to overwhelm, golden light still remains if you can just remember where to look. I am desperately searching that space: not just to find peace, but also to celebrate our ability to return to that state time and time again – for beauty in the everyday, and hoping to find some serenity amidst all this horror.

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