Spiderwebs in the Morning

I’m always searching for serenity – and this time, I found my moment of peace shining through dew collected on a spider’s web: a miniature magnifier of all the possibilities on the horizon of one more chance from a new day. This sculptural wall-hanging combines handmade framing (rescued wood, sanded, stained, and tattooed with theContinue reading “Spiderwebs in the Morning”

Private Cathedrals #2

One finger. You can have ONE finger, Private Cathedrals #1. But I’m getting revenge [update: joke’s on me. Private Cathedrals #2 ate another finger – not because I’m careless, but because this process is ridiculously labor-intensive, and I do everything by hand]. This piece is the second of a two-part series, and very much aContinue reading “Private Cathedrals #2”